Sunday, December 26, 2010

So this is Christmas...

And we have done not much! It's been blissful!

Except for today of course which involved Brad and I getting up at 5:30 to drive in to Red Deer to do some Boxing Day shopping. Let me tell you we got some great deals and none of the stores we went in to were really busy or packed. I got a new laptop, Brad got a nice surroundsound system, and between the two of us we got a few other things.

Overall though the holidays have been rather jolly so far. We came down to Three Hills on Christmas Eve Day and went straight over to Uncle Phil's for dinner and some family time. It was crazy fun and we played this amazing game called "Catch Phrase". Christmas Day saw us sleeping in more than we normally do when we celebrate with the Cottell side of the board. But we opened all our presents and were satisfied just before noon. Shortly thereafter we went over and spent Christmas night dinner with the Mackenzies. Brad attempted to teach me a little Rook and I may just play it again. It's got lots of confusing rules though.

I got several items I had been wanting for a while. Mainly I got IKEA gift cards (which may go toward the purchase of the matching dresser to our bedroom set) and some books. The most special of these being "Always Looking Up" which is the latest by Michael J. Fox who is my hero. I also got a very special gift from my amazing husband. He got me my very own Kitchen Aid! I just about fell off my chair. I had told him I wanted one when we were shopping a while back and I promised that if he got it for me I would make him cookies. So last night I mixed up a batch of Sugar cookies and I can't wait to play with the machine some more and create all sorts of wonderful goodies and meals!

I'd like to send a huge hug to all my family I couldn't be with over the holidays. It's been tough being away this year but we've still had a wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year everyone. I love you!

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