Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm all covered in chocolate...

Well it has been a while since I've even considered visiting this page but I thought tonight may be the perfect night to update. I'm sitting on the floor of Amy's living room, pondering all the work we have completed this weekend. Amy and I began our mom's scrapbook for our Disney trip a few months ago, and managed to finally finish it yesterday afternoon. Turned out great and I plan on taking some pictures if I get the chance!

Not only that, this was our "Chocolate" weekend. In 3 days, the 3 of us made 1240 chocolates. And that is from scratch (I know you are all jealous!)

I love this tradition. My grandma started it, passed it on to my mom and now my mom is teaching Amy and I. It's so incredible to mix a few ingredients together, add flavour, add colour, dip it and VOILA! You have homemade chocolates. Now that makes it sound really easy, and trust me it's not but I love the task every year. It's our time to spend together and get ourselves ready for the oncoming holidays.

Hmmm, holidays. That brings me to my next thought. More so this year than many of the previous, I am excited for the Christmas holidays. Why you may ask? My cousins from south of the border are all coming up at some point or another over the Christmas break. Which means for the first time since we all started going on missions, going to school, getting married, and having babies we will be in the same small town to see each other. CAN'T WAIT.

Well I am officially exhausted so I am going to turn in. I have to make the long haul back to Edmonton tomorrow... not looking forward to going back to work. :(

Sunday, November 6, 2011

And the results are in...

And I'll be staying on the first cycle for another 17 days. The last few days have been really trying. I've tried to behave myself and stay on the diet but I have suffered tremendously from cravings and a wicked case of PMS this past week. However, in the spirit of full disclosure here are my results for the first attempt at Cycle 1.
Total weight loss: 8.5 pounds
Inches lost on chest: 5
Stomach: 4
Hips: 2
Thighs: 2
Overall, I am impressed with the results. My decision to stay on cycle one is less to do with results as it is proving to myself that I can do something and stick with it for more than a micro-second. I'm struggling so much with my weight and my self-esteem, I think that this is an important step for me. So, I begin round two tomorrow, pray for me as I continue on this journey!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 16!

Well, I won't lie and say I've done everything by the book. I have cheated a couple times, but it's been great so far. I'm not going to put my final measurements in yet... I'm leaving that until the end of tomorrow but it's exciting to me to see the difference. Not only see the difference but FEEL the difference. Even when I'm tired I still feel I have more energy than before. I'm more motivated. I have to confess yesterday was the first day that I have done exercise with the program but I think it will help keep me going.
Well I must be off, time to make salad and prepare some meals for the coming days! I'm not convinced yet that I will be going on to cycle 2 right away or maybe not adding all the bread, potatoes, and rice back. I don't really miss it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ummm Day...9?!

So my amazing plan to blog every day about this diet was an epic fail. Life just is way too busy but I will try and update when I can.
Also, I got a text from mom and dad Callaway today telling me I had forgotten to give them credit for introducing Brad and I to this diet. Thank you mom and dad.
So after weigh in / measurements on Sunday we know this diet works. I am down 5 pounds and an inch or more off all of my measurements. Brad is down 7.5 pounds and about an inch of off everything but his chest. And it hasn't been so bad.
I must admit that I have craved the occasional cookie or something sweet. Most of the foods we are eating are regular foods, just no bread, rice, or potatoes. I've been ok with that. The no sugar thing is a little harder for me.
Oh well, I'm happy with the results so far and look forward to what the next 8 days will bring!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 2

Ok so technically this is day 3, but I'm writing about day 2.
Day 2 was tough for me. We did a bake sale at work and I had to make vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. All I wanted to do was take a bite, just a teeny tiny one. But I am proud to say I resisted the temptation and I am still doing great with the diet.
Got Brad hooked on the salad I make.
Interested to see how my chicken vegetable soup turned out (crushed tomatoe base with cabbage, celery, carrots, chicken, and fat free chicken broth). It smells divine right now as it is simmering in the pot in the kitchen.
Well I shall try and post about day 3 tonight, now I'm off to eat soup!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 1

Well I have gone through my first day on the diet fairly successfully. I ate only the foods that are on my menu plan, and didn't feel overly hungry throughout the day. When I did feel hungry I ate one of my meals or one of the listed snacks. Plus it never hurt anyone to eat unlimited amounts of vegetables.
Overall I'm impressed with myself. I hope and pray I can keep up my motivation and determination to change my life, not just my body but my life.
On the plus side, I got Brad to do this with me. We took our measurements last night (I'm not sharing the initial results, WAY too embarassing but a good motivator). He has decided to join me but it will most likely be easier for him when he is on a normal schedule since he slept through 2 of his 3 meals today! Still he has only eaten what is on his plan for the day and I'm proud of him too.
Well wish us luck!

Friday, October 14, 2011

17 days isn't that long right?!

So I have decided to turn a new leaf. My weight is an ever increasing issue in my life and it's a number that only seems to grow larger instead of shrinking. Let me tell you, if one more person tells me that it's just my "happy weight" I may punch them in the face.
Anyways, I have decided to make a difference. As of Monday October 17, I will be starting the 17 day diet. I plan on blogging through it to update my status and emotions towards this process. Now for those of you reading who are thinking "big deal, 17 days is nothing." Let me tell you a little bit about this diet. It is 4 cycles of 17 days. Count it, that is 68 days.
Over the next 68 days I will be trying different foods, a different workout regime, and lowering my sugar, carb, and starch intake. I plan on taking before and after measurements, but at this juncture I'm not willing to share my weight or my measurements (that is how bad it has gotten).
Wish me luck in this difficult endeavor!