Friday, October 14, 2011

17 days isn't that long right?!

So I have decided to turn a new leaf. My weight is an ever increasing issue in my life and it's a number that only seems to grow larger instead of shrinking. Let me tell you, if one more person tells me that it's just my "happy weight" I may punch them in the face.
Anyways, I have decided to make a difference. As of Monday October 17, I will be starting the 17 day diet. I plan on blogging through it to update my status and emotions towards this process. Now for those of you reading who are thinking "big deal, 17 days is nothing." Let me tell you a little bit about this diet. It is 4 cycles of 17 days. Count it, that is 68 days.
Over the next 68 days I will be trying different foods, a different workout regime, and lowering my sugar, carb, and starch intake. I plan on taking before and after measurements, but at this juncture I'm not willing to share my weight or my measurements (that is how bad it has gotten).
Wish me luck in this difficult endeavor!

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