Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm all covered in chocolate...

Well it has been a while since I've even considered visiting this page but I thought tonight may be the perfect night to update. I'm sitting on the floor of Amy's living room, pondering all the work we have completed this weekend. Amy and I began our mom's scrapbook for our Disney trip a few months ago, and managed to finally finish it yesterday afternoon. Turned out great and I plan on taking some pictures if I get the chance!

Not only that, this was our "Chocolate" weekend. In 3 days, the 3 of us made 1240 chocolates. And that is from scratch (I know you are all jealous!)

I love this tradition. My grandma started it, passed it on to my mom and now my mom is teaching Amy and I. It's so incredible to mix a few ingredients together, add flavour, add colour, dip it and VOILA! You have homemade chocolates. Now that makes it sound really easy, and trust me it's not but I love the task every year. It's our time to spend together and get ourselves ready for the oncoming holidays.

Hmmm, holidays. That brings me to my next thought. More so this year than many of the previous, I am excited for the Christmas holidays. Why you may ask? My cousins from south of the border are all coming up at some point or another over the Christmas break. Which means for the first time since we all started going on missions, going to school, getting married, and having babies we will be in the same small town to see each other. CAN'T WAIT.

Well I am officially exhausted so I am going to turn in. I have to make the long haul back to Edmonton tomorrow... not looking forward to going back to work. :(

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