Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back to the blogs!

Well I have to admit this isn't my first blog. However, I am hoping this is the first blog that I keep up with. I'm going to jump right in to life as I know it...

The last few weeks have been absolute chaos! We are all moved up to Edmonton now and we both really enjoy it. I got a job with the YMCA of Edmonton doing childcare and Brad got a job as a T.A. doing work with adults taking ESL. We're both enjoying our jobs, though I must admit going from infants to toddlers is a big leap for me. Now I have 12 screaming two year olds to deal with everyday. In all honesty they are great kids.

Unpacking was a nightmare that took about 2 weeks. I just finished unpacking the last box of non-essentials last week. It feels really great to have that out of the way. Our condo is beginning to feel like home at last! I can't even explain how much better this place is compared to our apartment in Red Deer. That place was a dump in comparison, no the two really aren't even in the same league. Anyways, I'm looking forward to getting a few photos up on the walls and everything arranged and rearranged until it feels like our own space. I will say that my favourite part of the whole deal is the closet. We have a huge walk-through closet from our master bedroom into the bathroom. It's wonderful to have enough space for all of our clothes and not have to shove everything in a tiny hole in the wall. Our landlords also seem like really great people and we've already had a couple things fixed right away when we needed it. Wonderful having people we can rely on.

We're in Three Hills this weekend celebrating my brother-in-law David's birthday. It's been quite a fun day hanging out with family. Brad, David, and I went in to Red Deer today and saw Toy Story 3. It was very funny and I think as long as they end it here, it was a great way to wrap everything up.

I'm greatly anticipating next weekend when Amy and I fly out to Ontario for a week with our family out there. It will be very different now that Uncle Rick and Grandma aren't there anymore and burying them will be a very sad day. But on the positive side we'll get to spend some time with Ryan and Cat. Plus Brad will be flying out later next week to join us for a few days and to be with me for the funerals. There will be some pleasure mixed in there though as we plan on heading down to Ohio to go to Cedar Point for a day! Plus us girls plan on doing a little shopping on the other side of the border!

It's been really hard since Uncle Rick passed away. It feels like there is this giant piece missing. I hate that we never really got a lot of time to spend with him but I treasure the time we did have. I miss him. I miss hearing his voice and how he always called me Miss Meliss. I suppose we all lose the ones we love, but it's been a rough journey dealing with this particular loss.

I guess it's about time for bed though. We have a bit a of a drive home tomorrow and then it's back to work for a few days before holidays... I have a feeling this week is going to be LONG!

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  1. That's what I am talking about! A Blog!! It very easily become addictive. I love writing me feelings I so often suppress... makes me feel good! Anyways. I am going to bed. Enjoyed your post!