Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1000 degrees and loving it!

Well so far so good. I apologize to my readers for any spelling errors in this post as I'm posting from my iPhone! Well so far I'm loving our Ontario adventure. Wr have done quite a bit of bonding with the family (especially our fabulous new cousin Cat) and we have had some pretty cool experiences.

Yesterday we went state side and did 9 hours worth of shopping. Came home with about 300$ worth of stuff and didn't have to pay duty on any of it. It was quite the trip. I had my first target experience and enjoyed it tremedously. Got some really cute new clothes. Cat took us out for a nice dinner at the Olive Garden and refused to let us pay.

Today dad took us on a tour of the Hiram Walker and Sons distillery which was also a lot of fun. It's where they produce Canadian Club whiskey! It was fascinating experience to sit at a table where business deals once took place with Al Capone during prohibition. Not to mention there was a bullet hole in the wall where he fired a "warning shot" above a smugglers head! We sampled some of the merchandise and I discovered I like ten year old whiskey! Now we're just waiting for uncle David to arrive and take us to the airport so the second part o the Ontario adventure can begin with husband in tow!

Ciao for now friends!

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