Monday, July 19, 2010

How did this happen?!

Alright folks, today marks the first day in my personal challenge to change the way I look and feel about my body and myself. Over the last few years I have gained a lot of weight. Going from only 170 pounds to now over 200. It makes me sick to look in the mirror. I have tried some very unhealthy things to try and lose weight and now I've decided to do it right. If anyone has any tips or tricks, please feel free to comment and share!

I started a couple weeks ago buying healthier food, but today marks the first day that I've gotten back into working out. It feels awful how out of shape I've become and it is my goal over the next few months to change how I eat and how I treat my body.

So my goals:
1. Do one workout on the Wii Active per day
2. Tone and trim down to 185 pounds (to start)
3. Feel good enough about my body to wear a bikini by next spring when we take our trip to Disney!
4. Eat healthier foods, this to me means I will be giving up fast food COMPLETELY (it's going to be rough)

So those are my goals to start. My current weight is around 207 pounds. I carry a lot of weight around my thighs and stomach. I feel sluggish and gross. Here's hoping that I can change myself for the better!

Anyone want to join my crusade for a healthier self?!


  1. I do... this summer in florida showing off my soda gut... its going.. i am done with soda... water only... from now on

  2. Hmm that is what Brad is doing too. He's not had a pop in over a month. HE says it really makes him feel different. It's a good start that's for sure.